Head of the lab

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ivo W. Boblan

Boblan, Ivo Wilhelm

Full professor in the study program Humanoid Robotics at the Beuth Univ. of Applied Science Berlin and

Head of the Compliant Robotics Lab and

Short Biography

2016 at present: Professor of Electrical Engineering, degree programme: Humanoide Robotik at the Beuth University Berlin

2009-2016: Junior research group leader of MTI-engAge at Technical University Berlin, Dep. of Control Systems

1999-2009: PhD candidate at Technical University Berlin, dep. of Bionic and Evolutionary Strategy

1997-1998: Scientist at Siemens AG, department of Public and Transport Net Technology

1996-1997: Scientist at Science Centre of Information Technology, dep. of Electronic Systems and Microsystems

1991-1996: Diploma at Technical University of Berlin, electrical engineering, major in control and robotics

1989-1991: Prediploma at HS für Verkehrswesen Dresden, major electrical engineering and Automation Engineering

1988-1989: Military service

1985-1988: Professional education at German Rail, major communications engineering

1975-1985: Ten-class general educational polytechnic secondary school


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