Robotics, Biorobotics

  • Artificial Muscle:
    • Jojo with a fluidic muscle from the company Festo as linear actuator
    • Test buildup of an antagonistic muscle actuator
  • Construction of the humanoid robot ZARx (Zwei-Arm-Roboter) also named Humanoid which is a antropomorph robot torso with two arms and two five finger hands completely driven with fluidic muscles in human like proportions, muscle arrangements and functionality
  • Construction of a pneumatic driven elephant's trunk named in German Tripedale Alternanzkaskade (TAK) in the Biona project BROMMI (in German Bionische Rüsselkinematik für Anwendungen in der sicheren Mensch-Maschine-Interaktion)
  • Biological inspired control, data architecture and information processing

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