The junior research group MTI-engAge, formerly headed by Ivo Boblan, investigates how compliant and resilient control can be implemented in both actuators and supporting structure. Inherent compliance of systems is the key for safe interaction between humans and robots. The way how the total compliance should be divided between the construction and the actuators, is a main subject and mission of the lab.

   Since 2015 the group has a mandate, received from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), to work out the principles/basics related to a human-centered human-robot interaction (HRI) within the scope of demographic change.

   An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the fields of robotic engineering, biophysics, science and technology studies, neurobiology and interaction design has come together to investigate criteria and possibilities of a successful HRI with a holistic approach. For this purpose an HRI FabLab is built to experience and develop HRI with participants of all areas of society. Furthermore an associated HRI network of representatives of organizations and industry will evaluate the results.

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